Greenspeed™ Technology

Greenspeed™ Technology

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Greenspeed Intelligence is only made possible when you pair the best of our Infinity series products—the modulating Infinity 98 gas furnace or the variable-speed Infinity 20 heat pump**—with the smarts of the Infinity® control. It takes an Infinity system to an even higher level, something we like to call adaptable-speed because it adapts.

Adaptable speed furnaces and heat pumps** with Greenspeed intelligence can run at 40% capacity, 100% capacity, or anywhere in-between to adapt to exactly what the home needs for heat, or in the case of the heat pump, for cooling. The benefit of that range is that the system is smart enough to pick the operating capacity at which it is most efficient. That means you get your precise, desired temperature and you can save money doing it.

A Greenspeed™ intelligence system can:

  • Run low, slow and amazingly quiet
  • Adjust with precision to the heating and cooling demands of the home
  • Operate at longer, but lower and steadier capacities-for example, a majority of the time the system can operate at only 40% capacity
  • Create incredible efficiencies-in fact, our Infinity® 20 heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence is up to 69% more efficient than other ducted air source heat pumps available today in the 3-ton size
  • Make air purifiers, humidifiers and other system enhancements even more effective

The Infinity Hybrid Heat system with Greenspeed intelligence is the most efficient ducted, air source dual fuel system available according to AHRI estimated average annual combined heating and cooling operating costs as of 2-13-2012.

**Requires a variable-speed indoor unit.